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Protection Plans

Should you be unable to work due to illness or accident will you be able to provide for day to day living costs and pay bills? Income Protection/Permanent Health Insurance is the answer and the cost of premiums is allowable against income tax.

What about Inheritance Tax? Could your family/dependants be faced with this one day? There is an Insurance product available to take care of this its important to get good advice - talk to us.

Are you in business with a partner or partners? Partnership Insurance is vitally important in event of illness or death of a partner. For example, it could be necessary for a partner to buy out a former partner’s share in the business should a partner die or be unable through illness to continue in the partnership.

Is it possible that you may be over-insured in one life area and/or under-insured in another? Why continue paying for inappropriate or excessive insurance? Remember, your needs do change over time. It is advisable to review your insurance needs from time to time, e.g. life events :getting married and/ or starting a family, taking on financial liabilities, etc.

We offer comprehensive advice on all types of protection plans. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Lalor Financial Services (James Lalor and Aine McConnell trading as) is regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland.


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