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Have you substantial bank borrowings or other liabilities? Do you need to take steps to protect yourself and your dependants in the unfortunate event of untimely death or serious illness?

Life Assurance

Lalor Financial Services can help you choose the most suitable life assurance policy. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Types of Life Assurance Cover

Level Term Life cover, with or without indexation, for a specified number of years.

Whole of Life cover with or without indexation.

Mortgage Protection cover for borrowings- reducing with debt level over a specified period.

Specified Illness cover.

Income Protection cover – this is the only life insurance that qualifies for Income Tax relief.

We are agents for the major life companies operating in Ireland which enables us to help you choose between companies and provide up to the minute competitive quotes from across the market.

Lalor Financial Services (James Lalor and Aine McConnell trading as) is regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland.


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