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Bank Deposits

Types of Deposit Accounts and Where to Invest:

All deposit providers have a range of options to meet your particular need(s). In brief, this breaks down to three account types:

Demand Deposits

Notice Deposits

Fixed Term Deposits

Bank Deposit providers differ in two areas of importance:

Level of State Guarantee

Interest Rate

Our job is to identify:

The most secure place for your money and

The best available interest rate in the market

We have Agency Agreements with Banks and Building Societies that are covered under the Irish and British Government Deposit Guarantee Schemes.

Funds can be transferred (in and out) electronically (EFT) giving you immediate access to your money or as required. Your address location, or that of your bank account for the purpose of transferring or receiving funds is not an issue. You do not have to travel or leave your home or office.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

What Is Available?

We offer Deposit Accounts in Euro, Sterling & U.S. Dollar currencies.

We also offer deposit based Capital Secure investment options – very popular products when ordinary deposits cannot deliver good returns.

Warning: Past Performance is not a guarantee of future performance and investments may fall as well as rise.

Lalor Financial Services (James Lalor and Aine McConnell trading as) is regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland.


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